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  1. Fully open source, all code is open source, follow the MIT agreement, use it at will
  2. Permanent free use, we will build our products based on ICES, and part of the income generated will be donated to ICES
  3. Simple integration, Motoko, Rust integration examples are provided, integration can be done in up to three steps
  4. Data is permanently stored, all storage is on the chain, and storage is automatically expanded
  5. Support Graph/Restful API query, and provide more customized and fast query by synchronizing canister's data to the database.
  6. Support Dashboad query, and provide public UI to easily query canister-related event records

Free for less than 2000 records, if want to unlimited use, please submit a Google form application. In order to analyze the results faster, we synchronize the data on the chain to the local database and provide Graphql API query interface